© Tor Bjærke 2011 Made with Xara Interactive 3D animation by Tor Bjærke Continental drift animation The animation presented here shows the relative continental movements from the Early Cambrian to the Present according to the theory of Håkon Arnestad Bjærke, 1970 (published 1997). Pole positions have been revised and some modifications in timing of movements have been introduced. The animation shows one map per ma. The “true” polar wander is 8-9 degr/ma and assumed to occur at constant speed. Outline of continents and continental fragments is reproduced in order to make identification easier. Outline does not reflect past distribution of land and sea. This is the first effort to show the continental movements in an interactive 3D animation. Several problems regarding timing and movements still remain to be solved, and this presentation has to be regarded as preliminary. This animation has been created using Autocad 3ds max 5. Tracing of moved elements was carried out using Right Hemisphere Deep Paint 3D. Tor Bjærke Stavern 2011